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What is Atlendis Flow?

Atlendis Flow is an AMF and ACPR (respectively France’s Financial Market and Prudential Authorities) registered Digital Assets Services Provider (DASP). Built on top of the Atlendis decentralized lending protocol, it offers additional services dedicated to institutional borrowers, removing the complexity of Web3 tools and simplifying their interactions with the protocol. Most importantly, Atlendis Flow also enables crypto-to-fiat transactions to be carried out directly (and vice versa), enabling institutional borrowers to take full advantage of this source of on-chain liquidity for their real world use cases.

Tailor-made assistance provided by Atlendis Flow through Web3

Borrow capital on-chain and receive fiat directly to your bank account. Get all the benefits of Atlendis’ flexible lending term, capital-efficient and accessible 24/7 compliant lines of credit with the support of Atlendis Flow. Atlendis Flow abstracts blockchain technology’s complexity and decentralized finance’s onboarding hurdles to provide the smoothest experience possible.

Convenient yet compliant, registered digital assets services provider

First and foremost designed for convenience, Atlendis Flow provides digital asset custody as well as purchase/sale of digital assets for legal tender services and trading of digital assets for other digital assets services. As such and under the supervision of France’s AMF and ACPR, Atlendis Flow operates under strict security, compliance, reporting and AML checks obligations. Atlendis Flow is the piece that seamlessly connects blockchain’s decentralized finance and digital assets with traditional finance and fiat.

Secure, transparent and fast

Atlendis Flow is based on the Atlendis protocol, which leverages blockchain technology to optimize transactions’ security, speed and cost, granting businesses access to cheap and quick financing. Blockchains such as the Polygon network where Atlendis is deployed also provide full traceability of funds and effortless accounting.


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